57- 63 Belmore Road, Randwick

Case Study: 57- 63 Belmore Road, Randwick

Client: Owners Corporation 

Project Value: $500,000

Project Duration: 3 months, completed September 2018

We won the tender for remedial works to the top floor common area of this development in Randwick. The building is a five floor mixed use business/residential with Optus and Priceline on the ground floor and 32 residential units.

The Owners Corporation indicated that the rooftop courtyard were causing leaks into the units below. The rectification works involved replacing all courtyard planter boxes and tiling membranes. The planter box walls were also encapsulated with a facade membrane that is compatible with both membranes under the tiles and planter boxes.  

On examining the planter boxes more closely we found that there were also multiple penetrations such as piping for taps and ventilation ducting. These penetrations were either relocated or detailed without potentially compromising the waterproofing in future.

The waterproofing product used for the courtyard tiling for this project - ARDEX WPM 1000  Undertile Butynol - is a versatile synthetic sheet rubber membrane that resists ageing from heat, sunlight and ozone. It is also flexible in that we could tile directly onto the membrane 60 minutes after laying it. 

A variety of waterproofing products were used for the planter boxes - including ARDEX WPM 150 (base layer sheet), WPM 188 (anti-root sheet membrane) while the waterproofing coating to the planter box walls - ARDEX WPM 310 - is a tough, UV stable flexible, premixed liquid waterproofing membrane that was perfect for this exposed roof setting. 

Have a remedial project that requires waterproofing or refurbishment? Get in touch for a chat on (02) 9648 2000 - we are building rectification specialists, and follow all the relevant national and international Quality Assurance, Safety and Environmental standards.
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